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Save the Manatee Club was founded in 1981 by Bob Graham, former Florida Governor and U.S. Senator, and singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett. The Club was started with the mission to protect manatees and their habitat.

Today, Save the Manatee Club is the world’s leading manatee conservation organization.

A portion of all sales will benefit Save the Manatee Club.

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Face Mask Materials

Made from a high-performance moisture-wicking polyester blend our face masks are washable and reusable. All fabrics are sourced and made in the U.S. These sublimated masks are created to mold to your face with soft fabric for ear loops. The inside liner feels like cotton and provides for more breathability, especially when worn for long periods of time, and will absorb moisture. 


Youth/Adult XS: 6.80" X 5.60" (ages 2-8 and for those with small features)

Small/Medium: 7.50" X 6.15"  (fits most women)

Large/XL: 9.25" X 6.45" (fits most men, those with a fuller face, or men with beards).

Product Detail (All Fabrics Made in U.S.A.)

Outer Layer/Face is 97/3 Repreve Spandex made from recycled plastic bottles.

Middle Layer 100% PP or polypropylene  (similar to the blue surgical masks).

Inner Layer- 97/3 Poly Spandex  (feels like cotton).   

Wash & Wear: Wash before wearing. Recommended daily washing in hot water and tumble dry. No chlorine bleach. Will not shrink.

Comfortable for all-day use

Follow Save The Manatee Club on social media to stay informed.


YouTube: adoptamanatee

Facebook: savethemanateeclub

Instagram: @adoptamanatee

Twitter: savethemanatee

About the Artists:

Art by Hannah Crittenden (blue painting with three manatees)

Hannah, 19, is from Buffalo, NY and attends the University of Buffalo studying Occupational Therapy. Having a passion for both manatees (her favorite animal ever) and ocean conservation, she has created artwork over the years to educate and inform others about animal endangerment and pressing issues concerning ocean life. Hannah’s dream is one day to live near the ocean, and to have the opportunity to be actively involved in working with manatees in one way or another. Hannah has graciously donated the use of her artwork to support manatees.

You can follow her on social media.

Instagram: @hannahcrittenden_


Art by Samm Wehman Epstein (manatee painting with butterflies)

As an animal lover and an artist, Samm combines her two biggest passions to create a vibrant and whimsical style of art. Having a background in working with wildlife and a creative spirit has helped her find success as a full-time artist. She specializes in custom pet portraits and wildlife artwork. Samm has developed her own style of painting and paints with acrylics on a variety of surfaces including repurposed materials, to keep waste out of landfills. Samm has graciously donated the use of her artwork to support manatees.

To see more of her work, check out her store and social media.


Facebook: SammWehmanArtwork

Instagram: @sammwehmanart

Etsy: SammWehmanArt

Why We Need Your Support: 

Human activities are harming manatees, and only our compassion and action can protect them.

Manatees are Florida’s official state marine mammal. They are listed as endangered at the international level by the IUCN World Conservation Union. They are listed as threatened at the federal level by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and at the state level by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). Their listing status is largely due to human activity. Since record-keeping began in 1974, more than 41% of manatee deaths where cause of death was identified were human-related – and almost 34% were due to watercraft collisions (the largest known cause of manatee deaths). With increased awareness, education, regulations, and enforcement, manatee deaths caused by humans could be substantially reduced, and the eventual recovery of the species could be realized.

Shipping & Delivery

Delivery times with the US Postal Service have increased and it may take up to a week to receive your ordered masks.  

Disclaimer: Non-medical grade masks. Please follow CDC guidelines for health safety While no mask is 100% effective against viruses, this mask aims to reduce your risk if you're healthy or contain germs if you are sick. These masks qualify under the current CDC Covid-19 Guidelines for medical professionals when certified PPE (Personalized Protective Equipment) is scarce or has run out.  This is NOT an n95 mask.  Our masks do not come with a NIOSH or FDA rating or any certifications.

All Sales Final.